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Our Mission:

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Learn Spanish online with a local Nicaraguan teacher. Support families and communities in crisis. 



Our Mission

Speak for Nicaragua is a sustainable way for local Nicaraguans to earn money for themselves and their families. By connecting users to locals we also aim to raise awareness of the human rights violations currently occurring in Nicaragua. 

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How it works

We work with local Spanish schools in Nicaragua to organise online, one on one Spanish classes. To find out more about the Spanish schools that we work with, click here.  Our first partnership is with Casa Xalteva, a renowned Spanish school based in Granada.

Once you sign up online, we'll pair you up with a qualified teacher and will ask you to make a $10 donation for a one hour lesson

Lessons take place on a Google Hangouts call. There's no need to install an app and you don't need a Google account to take part- just an internet connection. We'll send you a lesson link via email and when it's time for your lesson, all you have to do is click!

100% of donations go to local communities in Nicaragua. Read more about where your donations go here:


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The situation in Nicaragua



people killed

Over 400 people have been killed since violence first broke out in April, when President Ortega proposed slashing benefits while increasing taxes. Peaceful protests rapidly escalated into police led outbreaks of violence. The majority of victims were assassinated, dying of bullet wounds. 



People injured whilst protesting

Protests have been widespread and unpredictable. A Mother's Day protest led by mothers whose children died during anti-government protests quickly turned deadly when they were attacked police and pro-government youth groups. 



Abductions in nicaragua 

Over 700 people have now been reported as abducted by the paramilitary, with over 500 of them still reported as missing.

The Nicaraguan authorities have turned on their own people in a vicious, sustained and frequently lethal assault on their rights to life, freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.
— Amnesty International

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